Total Awakening – The power to change your life – 12-week video course


If you believe you have the power to change your life,
the Total Awakening Course™ is for you.

“Why do I need Total Awakening?”

In response to life’s challenges, some aspects of you are now dominant over others.

If not treated, negative experiences from the past can lead to:

Negative and self-defeating thoughts

Difficulty with relationships

Psychological problems

Inability to follow through


Dependency issues

Loss of purpose





…and many other common mental illnesses plaguing our world today.

In every case, there is always one single truth: The abuse came from other humans.

Once a negative event occurs, we are taught to identify with the trauma and build our identity out of it.

This creates a cycle where we re-live the painful experience in our heads endlessly, doing it to ourselves.

We must stop this cycle to be truly free and to function at our highest capacities!

You can shed the title of victim and take a new direction empowered in your strength, love and vitality.

This is Total Awakening.

 You don’t need to meditate for 30 years to experience your total awakening.

This course guides you how in just 12 weeks.

Total Awakening will turn your life back on after the disrupts of the past and the post COVID-19 world.

Join a tight-knit community of thousands of people that have experienced the power of these teachings and the life benefits they awaken within.


-The truth about awakening and how your current mindset shapes your life.-

-12 Weekly trainings that teach you to know yourself so you can harness you own unique power, gifts and strengths.-

-How to awaken your consciousness from the suffering of past relationships, regret and guilt.-

-Learn how to reprogram your brain and neural pathways to end the cycle of negative thought patterns and emotions.-

-The daily practices necessary to live from the heart and be the true YOU that you have always known you can be.-

Access to the Total Awakening Telegram Group. Share your experience with and get support from others who are on their Total Awakening journey as well.

Awaken totally to your true potential!

Join Maestro Hamilton and the Triniti community to promote success in all aspects of your life.
We want to help optimize your life in both the personal and financial, so you are the happiest, strongest, most courageous, kind, patient, loving and wealthy person possible.
We are strong of heart and intelligent of mind and by balancing these forces we unlock your deepest potential.

*NOTE: If you have previously purchased “Trauma Liberation Technique,” please contact [email protected] before purchasing Total Awakening.*

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