If you’ve been wanting to participate in a Triniti Live! retreat but you don’t believe you have the time, money or flexible schedule for this incredible experience…

Triniti NOW! is the answer.

Experience all the power of the Triniti retreat on your own time at your own pace at a greatly reduced cost.

Triniti retreats change your life for the better.

The three pillars of the retreat – ceremony, shamanic dieta and body practices are the ultimate mind, body, spirit reset from the comforts of your own home.

Listen to what a few recent Triniti retreat guests have said about their experience:

“The very unique experience of being able to connect deeply with spirit in my own home allowed me to change
myself in real time – bringing shamanism closer to my life as it exists day by day, moment by moment;
not just exclusively in the presence of visionary plants in the depths of the jungle.
I came out of the Triniti retreat feeling wonderfully uplifted, centered and ready to let go and
participate in life again as it unfolds in a whole new way around us in 2020.”
-Sage (Australia)

“I found the Triniti retreat to be highly beneficial. A fantastic reset and cleanse.
I’m learning a lot about how to cope with normal every day stressors, and a lot about my relationship with food. I recommend wholeheartedly.”
–Ryan (USA)

“The Blue Morpho Triniti Retreat was a breath of fresh air during this pandemic.  The stress from being cooped up with nowhere to go was slowly taking its toll on me.  This retreat came at the right time.  Even though I was still at home, I could tap into ceremonies and communicate with a community to share experiences.  I felt relief and was able to set new intentions for the future to grow from this experience rather than be debilitated by it.  It was an unexpected gift, and it couldn’t be more needed.”
–Kory (United Kingdom)

“I’ve had the experience of feeling as if I dove deep into a cave and recovered an abandoned part of myself.
The feeling of winning a video game and winning all the power up prizes and also feeling as if I’ve had an upgrade to my operating system.
Overall, I can’t recommend this experience enough. It has been truly life changing.
The ability to participate, learn and release in ceremony, as well as the powerful integration aspect led to really tremendous results for me over the course of two live retreats (and one recorded).
-Melissa (USA)

Triniti NOW! takes you event by event through the entire Triniti Retreat process

Here’s what you’ll get:

• 22 Hours of pre-recorded Triniti Live! retreat sessions with two renowned “Maestro Medico Vegetalistas” (Master Shamans) Maestro Hamilton and Maestro Christian and body practices by Masters of Yoga and Qi Gong.

• Three shamanic ceremonies with transcendental breath work to give you a reset and balance your heart and mind.

• A three day detox to release environmental toxins.

• Yoga, Qi Gong and Hello Body to awaken the physical and help you feel grounded and stable.

• Total guidance that takes you on a magical journey through detox, intention, healing herbs and flowers, body practices and ceremonies.
You are guided with loving support from successful start to finish.

• A supportive community to answer all your questions during and after the retreat experience.

Trinti Now! is being offered for a limited time at this initiation price.

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