Frequently Asked Questions2020-08-02T13:22:55-05:00
What is a Triniti Retreat?2020-10-03T16:51:39-05:00

The Triniti retreat is based on three core pillars – shamanic ceremonies, shamanic dieta and body practices like Yoga and Qi Gong.  
For the Shamanic Ceremonies, we promote the use of ecstatic breathing techniques that are very powerful to get you into the right state of mind. 
The shamanic dieta includes drinking a tea made of legal, edible sacred herbs and flowers that are available from your local market or health-food store and/or online. 
The purpose of the dieta tea is to connect you to the spirit of the edible herbs and flowers and harness their support in the fulfillment of your intentions.  
The online Triniti retreat is about a deeper spiritual connection, body detox fast and improved health to support a more active, successful and purposeful lifestyle. 

Are you going to be sending trees for the dieta?2020-10-03T16:52:10-05:00

No. The Triniti shamanic dieta includes drinking a tea made of legal, safe, food grade sacred herbs and flowers that are locally available at your supermarket, health-food store and/or online. Upon booking your retreat, you will receive access to your Triniti Retreat Guidebook with many examples of locally available plants/herbs you can use and all the information you need for a successful retreat experience.

Do the Triniti Retreats include visionary plants?2022-08-16T09:32:06-05:00

We do not promote the use of any illegal visionary substances in conjunction with the Triniti Retreat. 
We advise our participants to use discretion and only consume substances that are legal in their governmental jurisdiction. 
You use legal, locally available edible plants (herbs/flowers) for our online shamanic dieta and ceremonies. Ceremonial states of ecstatic consciousness are reached through different transcendental breathing techniques. 

Where is this retreat taking place?2020-10-03T16:52:38-05:00

Our online retreats can be streamed from anywhere in the world with reliable internet bandwidth and access. Specifically, we currently use Zoom conferencing software for our live broadcasts.

I can’t afford to spend my budget on exotic plants from all over the world.2020-10-03T23:14:57-05:00

It is a common misconception that only exotic plant ingredients from far away places can be used in a shamanic dieta.
You may already have enough ingredients in your spice rack, fridge, backyard and even house plants to have a successful Triniti dieta.
Anything more than that is entirely optional and up to the individual.
When you purchase your Triniti Live! or Triniti Now! retreat, you will gain access to our thorough retreat guide with many examples of commonly available plants/herbs you can use for a successful Triniti Retreat experience.

Only powerful psychedelics like aya can help me.2020-10-03T23:30:04-05:00

It is a recent Western society phenomenon and common misconception that improved health and life improvement can only be achieved through psychedelics.

Traditionally in the Amazon, shamans/healers use psychoactive plants in less than 5% of their healing practices.

While psychedelics do have a place in improving health, they are a very small percentage of the entirety of medicinal and spiritual plants available in the world’s pharmacopeia of plant life..

Many plants that are quite common, and can probably already be found in your fridge and spice rack, have a wide array of healing properties, nutritional benefits, as well as energetic qualities that you may have been taught to trivialize in your day to day life.

The Triniti Shamanic Dieta Retreats guide you to access and connect with everyday plants and your surroundings on a deeper level physically, mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

Want to hear firsthand reports from Triniti Retreat participants? Join our Global Community on Telegram and ask about our Triniti Retreats:

I’m a beginner at all of this. Is that ok?2020-10-03T16:58:25-05:00

Yes, all the teachers walk you step by step through the entire process. Triniti Retreats meets you where you’re at in your development. Beginners and masters alike grow together in the space. You are taught how to use the technology, how to create the dieta tea, how to follow the detox, shamanic dieta and each body practice to a successful outcome

What if I can’t make all the events due to other conflicts or work?2020-10-03T16:53:35-05:00

All retreat activities are recorded and you can access them any time until the next Triniti retreat in your part of the world. This is approximately 30 days. We have had participants that decided to do the retreat weeks after the live participation and they have had amazing success. Participants have also decided to do the entire retreat again during the 30 days with even more success. 

I can’t pay the full price, are there discounts?2020-10-03T16:53:44-05:00

Yes, please write us at [email protected] and we will help you find a package and price that works for you through the Triniti Scholarship program. 

I am financially distressed. How do I apply for a Triniti scholarship?2020-10-03T16:53:57-05:00

If you are financially stressed and would like to apply for a Triniti Retreat scholarship, please send us a message at: [email protected]

I would like to gift a Triniti Retreat spot for a friend. How do I do this?2021-01-22T15:19:19-06:00

If you would like to gift a Trinti Retreat spot for a friend, donate a Triniti Scholarship spot and in the comments area during check out write that the Scholarship is for a specific friend and include their full name and email address. We will send them their Triniti Retreat information package and take care of the rest.  

How does this feel personal and connected if I do this from home?2021-01-22T15:14:12-06:00

The Triniti retreat uses the very best apps to maintain a group cohesion during and after the retreat. We are dedicated to community and individual support. We use chat apps like Telegram to chat through the entire retreat even when there are no scheduled activities. The community support is a huge part of making the retreat feel personal to you. 

How will my questions be answered?2021-01-22T15:15:53-06:00

Maestro Hamilton and Maestro Christian answer questions live and via chat throughout all of the retreat activities. You can raise your hand during the live Q&A sessions or type them into the zoom chat and they are personally answered.

Is a ceremony and shamanic dieta really possible online in my house?2020-10-03T16:55:17-05:00

Maestros Hamilton and Christian have been practicing and perfecting online ceremonies and dietas since before Facebook and Youtube began online streaming. They have held ceremonies for attendees all over the world with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Want to hear firsthand reports from Triniti Retreat participants? Join our Global Community on Telegram and ask about our Trinit Retreats:    

I want to participate but I’m waiting for the perfect window of opportunity with my schedule.2020-10-03T16:55:48-05:00

We all are living busy lives and we understand that you may not be available for every live broadcast. Every Triniti Live! Retreat is recorded and accessible for 30 days after your retreat. You can do all live, all recorded, half and half, whatever works for you. It’s not so important that you have the perfect free weekend, as it is that you participate in one form or another.

I need scholarship help but I don’t want to take from someone who needs it more than me.2021-02-11T11:04:02-06:00

It’s ok to ask for help if you need it. We all need support in one way another throughout our lives.

Since June 2020 alone, we have given over $100,353.09 in Triniti scholarship in support of those in financial distress. 

Our live broadcasts are facilitated through Zoom, which has no limits in the amount of participants that can join us. 

Our Scholarship policy is simple: We base our scholarships on what you can comfortably donate, up to 50% discount, to help support our continued growth.

If you or someone you know needs help, send us a message at: [email protected]

We will do our best to work with you.

Are the body practices difficult?2020-10-03T16:29:27-05:00

The body practices are taught for participants of all skill levels. The body practices aid the detoxification of the body and the cleansing of the lymph system, which is key to the retreat. If you find any activity difficult, you can simply lie down on the floor and rest.