Julio passed away at the age of 89 after having been in a 35-year medicine pact with spirit. His medicine, experience and guidance lives on through Maestros Hamilton and Christian. Don Julio became a regional legend because he apprenticed directly under the tutelage of the Doctor Spirits of the jungle during isolated diets in the highlands outside of Pucallpa. These spirits are known as Genios of the medicinal plants. He healed thousands of patients in the Peruvian Amazon.



CEO, Master Shaman and Chairman/Founder of Blue Morpho, Co-founder One Energy Global (OEG) and Source Independent Entertainment (SIE). Hamilton is a visionary leader, speaker, author and renowned master shaman. He is an international leader for Amazonian Sustainability and Conservation.



COO Blue Morpho and Source Independent Entertainment, Master Shaman, US Navy Vet,  Mass Communications Specialist, and Film Maker. Christian is a renowned master shaman and an international advocate bringing traditional healing practices to westerners.

Founded in 2002, Blue Morpho is one of the longest standing and most renowned
shamanic retreat providers. Due to COVID-19, we have started offering
online retreats from our jungle home to the rest of the world. 

Blue Morpho History

Amazonian plant medicine has been practiced in the Amazon for thousands of years. These practices have been passed down through tribal lineages and bloodlines. The shamans of tribes and villages, known as Medico Vegetalistas are in part medical doctors, spiritual healers, as well as the keepers of sacred knowledge. The most knowledgeable, use hundreds of medicinal plants from the forest to treat the needs of their tribe. The closest western equivalent to a Medico Vegetalista is a naturopath.

In 2001 Hamilton entered the Peruvian Amazon in search of a shamanic apprenticeship. After significant trials, Hamilton finally met Maestro Vegetalistas Don Julio Llerena Pinedo and Don Alberto Torres Dávila. They both agreed to train him in the traditional practices. He apprenticed under the tutelage of Maestro Julio and Maestro Alberto. Upon completion of his apprenticeship at the end of 2004 they gave him the title Maestro Vegetalista or Master Shaman.

Blue Morpho continued to grow, ultimately operating in the Peruvian Amazon for 18 years hosting thousands of guests from over 120 countries. During that time Christian Gearhart first came to Blue Morpho as a guest. Soon it was apparent that his calling and intentions were clear. He was accepted into formal apprenticeship and upon completion was given the title Maestro Medico Vegetalista by Maestro Alberto and Maestro Hamilton.

From 2012 to 2020 Maestro Hamilton and Maestro Christian worked together to bring life improvement practices to more people through online streaming and digital video courses. Due to COVID-19 they decided it was time to create the Triniti Retreat.

We offer safe guided online retreats in a professional and supportive environment with the highest level of quality and expertise. We specialize in personal transformations through expansion of consciousness and creativity